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BER Information

1. What is a BER Cert (Building Energy Rating Certificate)?

BER Sample Certificate

A BER Cert is a rating indicating the energy efficiency of a building.  The rating indicates how well a building retains heat.  A building with an “A” rating retains heat better with a building with a “G” rating.  Effectively the building with the “A” rating will be cheaper to heat that the building with the “G” rating.  A BER Cert is valid for 10 years unless there is energy performance changes made to your property in the interim.  A BER can only be carried out when the building is completed.

A PROVISIONAL BER Cert is valid for 2 years and must be shown to prospective house buyers.  Its aim is to allow buildings to be sold from the plans.

2. Who requires a BER Cert?

A BER Certificate is compulsory for all dwellings being sold or let after January 2009.  If you are selling or letting a property it is your responsibility to provide prospective buyers or tenants with a BER Cert.  BER assessments must be carried out by an SEAI registered assessor.  Fines of up to €5,000 can be imposed for non-compliance.  A BER can be of great benefit to a home owner who wishes to implement measures to cut the energy costs of their property.

3. BER Assessors

All BER Assessors must be registered with the SEAI.  All prices quoted must include taxes and SEAI charges.

4. What is involved in a BER Assessment?

For all existing dwellings a BER Assessor will need to visit your home to carry out a survey.  This will take approximately 2 hours.  The Assessor must then complete calculations and upload the information to a unique software package.  On completion you will be provided with a BER Certificate and an advisory report.  The Advisory report indicates improvements which can be made to improve the energy efficiency of your dwelling.

5. Exemptions

Buildings that are exempt include certain protected structures, national monuments, places of worship, non-residential agricultural buildings, stand alone buildings with total floor area less than 50 sq/m and industrial buildings with an installed heat capacity not exceeding 10 W/sq/m.

6. Grants

Home Energy Saving (HES) Grant Scheme

Government grants are available under the HES Grant Scheme.  Grants are available for roof and wall insulation, installation of high efficiency gas or oil boilers, heating control upgrades and BER Certificates.  Please see for further information.

Greener Homes Scheme

Government grants are available under the greener homes scheme.  Grants are available for renewable energy based heating systems, solar panels, heat pumps, wood chip boilers and wood gasification boilers.  Please see for further information.